as was told , the Creepypasta was supposed to have a Different Ending telling the that the Last one left in the video call would die and be controlled by The Silhouette

The Last One Dead

The last one staring at the Camera after several moments from death-Early Ending.

But this Ending was never confirmed , because It was suggested to make the ending look magically scary : With no click " The PC turned off it self and i ran out of the room screaming.

Karim staring at him

Karim turns the camera on causing The last one to scream

Hackerkora Html (The Producer of this Creepypasta) said : We actually loved the early ending but it was changed due to the image's blackout causing scary hallucinations to people and making them nervous.

He also mentioned that some parents find it Disturbing for their kids.

Current ending explanation:when Karim fell , the Silhouette started to control him because when he fell down , he hit his head very hard and died allowing the silhouette to control his body , after that , it's showed that the last one started panicking saying That the silhouette might come to his room and kill him but after some minutes karim rejoins the call with his camera disabled , he was told to enable it by the last one and there was only silence until karim's dead body appeared on the Camera making Him Jump and scream " Oh my god!"

after that the Computer turns off it self , and he ran out the room screaming.